Our Deepest Sympathy

The loss of a loved one can be a painful time in the life of any family, and it is our sacred and solemn responsibility to help members of Wheeler though this difficult time. The Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church family is here to provide members of its congregation with prayer support, comfort, and encouragement — beginning with the death notification to funeral services to after care.

Interim Funeral Protocol

During this significant time in the life of our global, national, and local community and of our church, adjustments are needed to address and accommodate life’s realities. While our church journeys through this unique time, Wheeler has suspended funeral services on the campus amid the novel coronavirus pandemic; however, we remain committed to supporting and serving the members of our congregation.

Upon the loss of a family member, please follow these initial steps:

  • Contact your funeral home/director of choice.
  • Contact the Church. Notification should be sent to Rev. Janella Pyles, Minister of Congregational Care and Development, at (713) 579-2718 or
  • Contact and notify relatives and friends of the deceased.

During our community’s COVID-19 reality, Wheeler has developed an interim protocol for funeral services. In addition to the above stated steps, click here for the complete Interim Funeral Planning Protocol.

Caring Congregation: Funeral/Bereavement Support

It is important that we remain connected to and supportive of those in this body of believers and community of fellowship. The Congregational Care update, which includes congregational funeral and bereavement notifications, is now available to encourage your prayers throughout the week. Click here to view the current Congregational Care List.

Funeral Service Notification

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“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted… “
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