Pastoral Care

How do I let the church know when someone needs prayer?

If a person needs prayer they should contact Minister of Prayer, Rev. Dr. Lekesha Barnett or by submitting your Prayer Request online here (Prayer Request) and the person will be added to the church prayer list. Contact her at

How do I let the church know when someone is ill or has passed away?

If a person needs to report a deceased or ill member, friend, or family member, they should contact the Minister of Congregational Care, Rev. Janella Pyles (713-579-2718 or In case of illness, caller should provide the person’s name, location (hospital, nursing home, etc.) and additional relative information. If they are not available, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. The messaging system will contact them and deliver the message. They will then return your call and alert the Pastor.

I am going through a tough time in my life and I need counseling. How can the church help?

Pastoral and clinical counseling is available through the Counseling Ministry. Please call to schedule an appointment.(Rev. Dr. Barbara Williams -

I know someone having financial difficulty. What can the church do to help?

Matthew 25 exists to assist members and non-members in times of financial need. Applications are reviewed by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call the Matthew 25 office at 713-747-7101. Please click here to fill out a form.


How do I update my membership information?

Members needing to make changes to their membership record (address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses) or other information such as changes in marital status, children, or business information may either call or email Ms. Shirley Wilkerson/(713)748-5240.

How do I get a copy of my contribution statement?

Please log into your member account. Select contributions history, select the tax year and select view. Your statement should appear in a new window.

How can I change my family group membership?

I haven't received my tithing envelopes. Who do I call?

Please call or email Ms. Shirley Wilkerson. 713-748-5240

If I am a non-member, can I use the WABC facilities for an event?

Yes. Schedule permitting, you may use the space. Fees may be required. You must submit a building use request from. Please refer to the question and answer below.

What is the process for reserving a space at WABC for members and non-members ?

To reserve a space, please complete a Building Use Request Form. You can access the form online HERE Building Request Form. All space requests must be received at least 7 days prior to the date of the event. Submitting the form does NOT guarantee space reservation. After submission, it will be reviewed and if approved, confirmed with you.

The Church

I want to get married at Wheeler Avenue. What do I need to do?

As you begin to plan your nuptials, please take the following steps:

1. First, select an officiant to preside over your ceremony. If you would like our senior pastor to serve as your officiant, please check his availability by filling out a Wedding Officiant Request Form. After you have completed and submitted this form, Pastor Cosby's the pastoral office will contact you and place you on the pastoral office calendar.

2. Once your date has been confirmed with the pastoral office, please fill out a Wedding Request Form. Fill out and submit the information and you will then be contacted and asked to come in and meet and fill out the appropriate paperwork to secure your space for your wedding.

Note: Three very important criteria must be met before a couple can be married in our sanctuary:

1. You must attend 6 premarital classes with Rev. David Moore

2. You must attend 1 counseling session with Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby

3. You must be a member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

I would like to have my baby dedicated. What do I need to do?

Baby dedications are held on the Saturday prior to the first Sunday of every month. Please complete a Baby Dedication Request Form no later than the Monday prior to the New Life Service. You are also required to attend a baby dedication class before the ceremony.