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Greetings Church Family!

Thank you for visiting the Disaster Recovery Edition of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church’s Business Directory. Our congregation is blessed to have over 10,000 members and in saying that, maintaining the spirit of inclusiveness is imperative.  Sisters and brothers within our own congregation are facing the rough reality of the recent natural disaster in our area.  Our church family needs us, in more ways than one.

In efforts to address a crucial portion of the overall need, Financial Empowerment Ministry has reached out to the business owners within our church family requesting a submission of expertise related to a select niche of services.  These niche services are categorized as the ability to fulfill a need that can serve as beneficial to our congregation after devastating events that impact our community, such as Hurricane Harvey.  Accessibility to businesses available to assist in the needs of our church members remained the number one goal in this effort, facilitating the ability to rebuild and prosper.

Connecting our business owners that can provide expertise when a catastrophic event affects our congregation, with our brothers and sisters that are looking for someone they can call upon in the event they need to access services, is pivotal to maintaining cohesion within the church body during this recovery effort.

We have compiled all business owner submissions and we hope that you will utilize this resource as you plan the next steps in your recovery efforts.   Professional services you can expect to access include: mental health services, legal expertise, engineering/architecture expertise, general contracting and specialty contracting expertise. 

In addition, please see our “Tip Sheet” and Disclaimer for things to be considered as you make your decision.

Thank again for utilizing this resource. We look forward to seeing our congregation work together to rebuild and prosper!



WABC Financial Empowerment Ministry


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