The Role of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church (WABC) Trustees:

Provide fiscal oversight and financial guidance to Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church through recommendation of financial policies, including the implementation and monitoring of investments.

The Qualifications of a Trustee:
A. A trustee must be a member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church (WABC) who is mature in the faith and willing to assist the Pastor in serving the congregation of WABC (1 Corinthians 12:12-18.)
B. A trustee should understand and embrace the mission of WABC while possessing the insight to assist successfully in directing the financial resources that have been entrusted to this congregation by God and His people (Acts 2:42-45.)
C. A trustee should have recognizable business acumen. A trustee must have a keen understanding when dealing with WABC financial matters and must be able to navigate successfully through financial situations (Matthew 25:14-28.)
D. A trustee should have technical skills which will be used to improve the fiscal function of WABC as he/she carries out God’s mission in the surrounding community and ultimately to the world (Luke 14:28.)

Does the nominee possess the following attributes required of a WABC trustee?
A. Member of WABC for at least three years
B. Demonstrates consistent biblical stewardship of tithes and offerings and a commitment to the Building for the Future Capital Campaign
C. Demonstrates a commitment to the mission via participation in WABC ministries.
D. Ethical
E. Goal-oriented
F. Team player
G. Critical thinker
H. Excellent supervisory skills
I. Computer literate
J. Basic knowledge of financial statements

Please submit the completed nomination form online by July 12, 2020.

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