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Tuesday March 23rd, 8:00 pm-9:00 pm

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One of our community’s biggest challenges, alcoholism and addiction, has worsened as a result of the stress and isolation of the pandemic.  

In response to this, the newly reactivated re-activated Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Recovery Ministry presents Order my Steps, a Christian based approach to twelve step recovery. While the twelve step model of recovery as outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous is universally recognized as the most successful treatment for alcoholism and addiction, many are not aware that is a God based program.  

This is not just for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction… The twelve steps can be applied to ANY addiction, and can used by the family members who support them . By working one step a month, you can work all twelve steps in 2021.

The Order My Steps virtual course on Zoom meets the last Tuesday of each month, so join us this Tuesday, February 23rd, from 8pm to 9pm, for Step Two: Came to Believe. More information & registration is available now on the WABC events page. Also, subscribe to the Order My Steps YouTube channel to view January's class, on Step One: Powerlessness.

There is a God based solution!


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