Lent Prayer Summit

Friday March 08th, 6:30 pm-1:00 pm

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Registration Required - Prayer Summit 2019, “Unleashing the Power of a Consecrated Life!” March 8th & 9th will be a dynamic 2-day experience for the entire family that will equip every participant to have the ultimate conversation with God as the means of tapping into His power to live life devoted to God with greater peace, confidence and assurance. Beginning Friday evening at 7pm, you'll experience an amazing worship service and a never before prayer experience. Saturday will include dynamic speakers, life changing classes and more Spirit-filled worship. Saturday will also include a day full of age-appropriate classes and fun-filled activities for children and teens. You won't want to miss this weekend. Refreshments will be provided for participants.

Please read course descriptions for adults below. During registration, you will be asked to select 2 choices and an alternate.

Childcare for ages 3 months to 3 years will be provided. Click HERE to register.

Children (Pre-K through 5th grade), Youth (6th through 12th grade) and Adults can register HERE.

Course Descriptions:

  1. Prayer, the Ultimate Conversation – From the beginning of time, God has longed to walk and talk with His greatest creation, humanity. Attendees will explore three foundational principles of prayer: 1) God desires to be in conversation with you; 2) prayer is a privilege based on being in personal relationship with God; and 3) God not only hears but also speaks to us in prayer. By exploring the model prayer, we will see that Jesus demonstrates how to have the ultimate conversation with God, our Father, and become connected to our true power source. (Recommended for New Believers)
  2. Armed For Battle – In Ephesians 6, Paul reminds believers that we have been given God’s power and spiritual weapons to stand against evil schemes.  Discover how to become more effective at overcoming the attacks of the enemy in spiritual warfare by putting on the whole armor of God and praying unceasingly. (Recommended for Mature Believers)
  3. Breaking the Chains that Bind – Often times, people allow hindrances such as shame, guilt, resentment, and unforgiveness to impede their ability to have an intimate, trusting relationship with God. This session will explore how to allow the Holy Spirit, our resident Helper, to break those chains and let God’s healing love bring you freedom, peace, and joy through prayer.
  4. I AM that I AM, Praying the Names of God – What’s in a name? It depends on the name! If the name is Jehovah Rapha, then there is Healing in THAT name! If the name is Jehovah Nissi, there is Protection in THAT name! If the name is Jehovah Jireh, there is Provision in THAT name! For everything we need, God says, “I AM that I AM.” Attendees will learn the names of God, the power of God they represent, and how, when we pray accordingly, that power is released in our lives.
  5. Let Us Pray: The Power of a Praying Family – Prayer is a powerful tool to connect believers to God as well as to each other. Come discover how to strengthen family bonds and cover one another spiritually by praying together as a family. Parents will receive important tips for modelling, instructing and involving all members of the family in prayer.
  6. The Power of a 3-Strand Chord – In Ecclesiastes 4:12 it states that a three-strand chord is not easily broken. As individuals seek to consecrate their hearts and lives in service to God, this session will introduce the “three-strand chord” of meditation, fasting, and giving as a means of unleashing God’s power in your life and drawing you closer to God. These spiritual disciplines offer the believer access to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God.
  7. The Power of Intercessory Prayer - In the epistle of James, we are told to pray for each other.  Prayer warriors stand in the gap for our families, church, and country by praying and fasting. Talking to God on behalf of others allows us to reflect God’s compassion and concern for them. Attendees will explore the critical role of intercessory prayer in building the body of Christ. (Recommended for Mature Believers)
  8. When God Speaks: Recognizing the Voice of God - Sheep know their shepherd’s voice. Can you identify the voice of The Good Shepherd when he speaks? This session encourages and empowers attendees to actively pursue the voice of God for direction for their lives and alignment with God’s will. Come learn how to recognize and heed our Savior’s call.
  9. T.A.G., It’s Not a Game, It’s a Holy Habit – Being in God’s presence affords believers unspeakable joy. In this workshop, attendees will focus on the discipline of spending Time Alone with God (TAG) on a daily basis as a means of knowing God more intimately, discerning His will for our lives, and gaining power to face every life situation. (Recommended for New Believers)
  10. The Word, Your Power Source – The Word of God is full of promises and principles that strengthen our faith, ignite our hearts, lift our spirits, and embolden our supplications. Attendees will explore how to use the scriptures to encourage themselves as they pray and unleash God’s power in their lives as they stand on His Word.

Location Information

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston TX, 77004

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